Hello! Wow!.. Hi!

Thank You for checking out Doggone Crafty!

Welcome! My name is Heather and I am an everyday, run of the mill gal that loves to craft and be creative. Definitely not a professional but I like to think I have quite a knack. 

My dog, Phoebe, is a great source of inspiration and actually what I modeled the site name and logo on. Ain't she adorable?!

The goal of this site is to provide my own opinions, tips, tricks, and advice to those that want a no-pressure crafting life. Not everyone can afford thousands of dollars in equipment and materials. But there are so many amazing things that can come from a bargain bin! 

Throughout this site you will find lists of craft supplies I use all the time. And the supplies that sit and collect dust. I will tell you where I get inspiration, or even pay for a template, and what materials I used to create the art.