Sewing Crafts

Custom Regency-Style Gown

When The Bridgerton Experience came to town, of course we had to go! And what better way to get into the spirit of things but to make an era-appropriate dress..?. costume?.. either way, so much fun and so worth it!

BONUS! Custom men's tie to match the dress. Spoiler: some important lessons of what not to do were learned.

A dress... with lights!

When needing to be that little bit of extra, why not add lights?!

Here I took buyable dress components and upgraded them in order to have a winter-themed lights. 

First Major Sewing Project: Adding Beads to my wedding Veil

One would think that the first major foray into crafting/sewing wouldn't include adding thousands of tiny beads to a cathedral length wedding veil. But they would be wrong in my case. 

All in all, totally worth it!